The February 2011 third-Sunday shoot was a rendezvous shoot:

shooting out of the pouch.


A few pictures:



Travis shoots to cut card

                                                                                                Travis shoots to cut a card

Travis and cut card


                                                                                                     Travis did it!

Rendesvous line

Everyone lines up, gets one shot at the swinger.  Miss and you're out!  Hit and you go back in the line for another round.

Greg Delk shoots swinger

Greg Delk shoots at the swinger. 

Ken rupkalvis shoots

Ken Rupkalvis shoots at the swinger

Gary Quandt shoots

Gary Quandt caps his rifle

Hitting the swinger


Have you ever shot at the axe blade?

Have you ever shot at the axe blade?  Split your ball and it will break both clay pigeons!

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