To see pictures from 2012

To see pictures from the Feb 2011 third-Sunday rendesvous shoot

Pictures of our range are below




 50 and 75 yard firing lines






Camping areas are behind the firing line



RV hookups in camping area 1


Restroom and

The restrooms (left) and shower (right).





The shower, when it was under construction three years ago.  It can be turned on by request.

Thank Ed Mertins and his son, and Dennis Valis, for installing this convenience.








Sighting in a new musket









Dustin receives award at Jan 2006 annual dinner and business meeting










Safety on the range is important.










The club has accumulated many conveniences and accessories, such as these steel silhouette targets:

Before a First Sunday pistol match. (We shoot rifles every first Sunday, and pistols after that some months when the rifle match is at 25 yards.)



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