Where we are:

Directions to the Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club range:

From San Antonio, go west on US Highway 90 (toward Castroville).

The map below shows Lytle (where the star is) , LaCoste north of it, highways 90 and I-35, and southwest San Antonio including parts of loop 1604 and loop 410..

As you drive west on U.S. 90, 7 miles west of loop 1604.and about half a mile past the Medina County line, turn left (south) to La Coste as directed by the small green sign.

Another landmark at that turn off is this ? little silo? On the south side of highway 90:











If you get to Castroville you've gone about four miles too far.

Here is a sketch map to the range:















When you have turned south from highway 90, drive about 1 mile, with fields on both sides of you, to the T intersection, shown here.














 Turn left and continue another two miles to LaCoste, crossing the Medina River bridge on the way. In town, at the light (just a little past the railroad tracks) turn right (west) and continue parallel to the railroad. You will be on FM471. About half a mile out of town you'll see hedges to the left. These surround the range. You will also see this sign:

Turn onto the farm road and go about 30 yards to the gate.

Gate sign

  The next map shows LaCoste at a much larger scale. The range is SW off Farm to Market Road 471.




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